Maharshi Valmiki College Of Education
( University of Delhi )

NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade

Other Facilities

Medical Room & Physical Fitness Equipment

The College has a small medical roomwhere first-aid material is available. In case of emergency, due help can be soughtfrom the medical practitioners around. Physical Fitness Equipment is available to thestudents during the college hours.

Multipurpose Hall

With a capacity to accommodate about 200 persons, the fully air-conditioned multipurpose hall is equipped with a mounted LCD projector, supportingcomputer terminal and the amplifying system. The hall witnesses walls narrating thestudents’ sensitivity to art and painting through their creative works. The hall is regularlyused for morning assemblies, special functions and cultural activities throughout the year. It also serves as a venue for holding various seminars and symposia for the benefitof students.

Seminar Room

The seminar room with a seating capacity of nearly 100 persons is usedfor holding small group seminars and discussions. The seminar room is air-conditionedand appropriately furnished; and is also used for organizing student exhibitions and work sessions. The seminar room is also used asan extended class room when there arises need to hold joint sessions. Portable LCD and other IT equipment can beused for making presentations etc. in the seminar room.

Class Rooms:

Besides a number of small rooms that are used for small groupinteractions, the college has 10 big classrooms each with a capacity to accommodate 40-50 learners. All the class rooms have basic furniture needed for the purpose.LCD, OHP etc. can be requisitioned from the ICT/ET lab in theclass rooms as and when needed.

Common Rooms

There are different common rooms for male and female students in thecollege. Students are provided with their small individual lockers for keeping theirbelongings under lock and key.